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The film fixer, Terry Gordon, is south east asia's leading film and television fixer, location manager and production support consultant in asia. The Film Fixer, through Asia Film Fixers can provide film permits, production support, logistics, customs clearance, carnet management, transport and accommodation across asia. We work in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Turkey, UAE, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Papua New Guinea. Contact asiafilmfixers.com for a local fixer in asia.

Filming permits, yes or no? A SE-Asia (quick) overview

To permit? or not to permit? I often get asked by producers, film-makers or V-loggers if they require filming permits throughout SE Asia. And i do realize that many of them want me to say ‘no’! But it’s not that easy getting around many countries in Asia, as part of a film crew (or even…

Azamara Journey - Big enough to have all the luxury, small enough to get to exotic river locations

Discovery Cruising & 6P’s

After 10 years of traveling¬† Asia, my latest journey was by far one of the most interesting ways to travel through South East Asia – a statement and a feeling I thought I would never have. I’d often categorized the cruisers as the ‘blue-rinse’ end of travel market. Only for those tourists who had retired…